Tuesday, 7 April 2015

HD Street 750 Photo Album

Thanks to WickedRide, I had my first ever Harley Ride. Rented a Street 750 last December and rode it for about 325kms over 2 days. This post shares some of the photos taken during the trip and my brief review of Street 750

As you take your seat and release the throttle, the sheer power is overwhelming. While the bike is determined to slice through the air and accelerate at alarming rate, wind resistance tries to hold you back where you are- your body is undecided whether to go with the bike or stay back. It takes a few moments to come to terms with the mean machine at your command. But then, it is not so difficult either. Harley Davidson Street 750 is the cheapest Harley one can buy in India. Being entry level Harley, it is not the biggest, most powerful one that only macho men can handle. Anyone who can handle a bullet can comfortably ride a Street 750.

I drove around Bengaluru and nearby and answered "How much does it give" question for over 100 times in 2 days. Few care about price and CC, but everyone wants to know its mileage... Ride was fun. Bike was at ease both in city and highway.

Look on the kid's eyes when he got a short ride on Harley!

But there're a few things you should be aware of in Street 750:

Rear passenger seating is not very convenient.
Be cautious about the braking power and distance when you're tempted to overspeed
There is no fuel gauge- only a low fuel indicator. So be cautious to fuel up at regular intervals during long rides
The Always ON headlights prompt everyone to blink their fingers at you advising that you turn off the light- that is not possible, so get used to it.
No side stand warning and engine starts even when side stand is ON. So be careful about this.

Watch this video we made on Harley Davidson Street 750

Overall I had a wonderful time with the bike for 2 days. Thanks WickedRide for facilitating the same.

Shrinidhi Hande is a travel and automobile blogger who blogs at www.enidhi.net


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